Disrupting Online Music Education With Real Brave Audio’s Daniel Powers Jr.

Karla Jo Helms
3 min readMar 20


Disruption Interruption podcast host and veteran communications disruptor Karla Jo Helms interviews Daniel Powers Jr., founder of Real Brave Audio, and uncovers how Powers is disrupting online music education.

The pandemic has forever changed how people learn. A recent estimate cites that the current number of home-educated children now exceeds 8 million.¹ In addition to forcing many students into a home-based education, the pandemic has also spurred the use of e-learning tools for adults.

In fact, the worldwide e-learning market is predicted to reach a value of $325 billion in 2025, nearly doubling in value in the matter of a single decade.² What was born out of necessity is also proving to be beneficial, with studies showing that e-learning increases learning retention rates by between 25% and 60%, contrasted starkly against traditional learning retention rates of only 8–10%.³

Enter Real Brave Audio’s founder Daniel Powers Jr., who is 20 years. Now, he aims to revolutionize how students learn online, taking a creative approach to centralizing the learning process.

In this insightful interview, Powers explains:

To differentiate, one’s business model must be unique. Even in a crowded market, such as music instruction, one must find an opportunity to stand out and offer a better experience.

The road to riches is often paved with punches to the face. Innovators and disruptors don’t allow this to stop them but rather press forward to success.

The pandemic altered how we learn forever. For the disruptors, this change can hold a wealth of opportunity.

The unique platform designed for Real Brave Audio is allowing students to document their progress, providing a visible learning path. This is helping create a unique experience that empowers students to drive their own learning forward.

A key differentiator for Real Brave Audio has been finding a way to centralize the learning process into a single platform. While there are countless online education systems, most rely upon additional technology to power the learning experience. In contrast, the Real Brave Audio platform has created a cohesive and all-encompassing experience for both students and teachers.

Mirroring his own journey into music, Powers wanted to design a space where students could learn through the process of recording their own practice. Often, the most innovative ideas are born from one’s own experience.

Quote of the show:

14:43 “ … The road to riches for me is always paved with punches in the face.”

About Daniel Powers Jr.:
Daniel Powers Jr. has spent the better part of the past 20 years inspiring, motivating, and coaching thousands of students and hundreds of employees to pursue education through his programs at Real Brave & After School Rocks. Since the start of the pandemic, he has pivoted his business model online with Real Brave (powered by PracticePad), a video conferencing suite, lesson scheduler, and lesson tracking system all in one.

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